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Becoming a member of the PTA can only prove beneficial as you will be part of a community that is committed to the educational advancement of your child that works hard in ensuring that the issues that matter to both parent and child are at the forefront of all that we do.

Resources that deal with topics relating to education, homework, special needs, health, graduation, coping skills for families, financial care and violence can be readily accessed as your child’s development never ceases and we never stop caring.

Benefits of joining the PTA

    • Promoting a healthy environment between the school community and parents
    • Influencing decisions relating to your child
    • Building partnerships with external agencies and organisations to affect the positive well- being of your child.
    • Build network with other parents while being part of an orgnaistaion to share ideas and concerns for the advancement of the school. 
    • Become a role model for your child by volunteering and making a difference
    • Utilizing your skills to positively impact the wider school community

How are membership dues spent?

Dues support the welfare of students, free programmes for parents, appreciation for school staff, administration and the overall school community, educational scholarships and grants for students


Finance Committee

Chaired by the Treasurer, the duties of this committee are to:

  • Monitor the financial affairs of the PTA.
  • Investigate and make recommendations for creative ways to invest the finances for the best returns.

Review budget for fundraising and make recommendations for approval to the Executive Committee

  • Report on activities of committee at Executive Committee meetings. 


Chaired by the Assistant Treasurer, the duties of this committee are to:

  •  Work closely with other committee.
  • Plan and execute Fundraising Activities.
  • Inform Treasurer of plans.
  • Submit budget and plans to the Finance Committee for review.
  • Report on activities of committee at Executive Committee meetings.


Chaired by the Public Relations Officer, the duties of this committee are to:

  • Create awareness among parents of the goals and programmes of the PTA. 
  • Foster a sense of community and co-operation among parent body.
  • Provide publicity of the activities of the PTA/School. Encourage participation of as many parents as possible in the activities of the PTA.
  • Report on activities of committee at Executive Committee meetings. 


This committee takes an active interest in, and promote activities which enhance the spiritual life of students and staff and assist in values orientation through a relationship with Jesus Christ. Specifically, the activities of the Spiritual Development Committee will include the following.

  • Take and attend devotions at least once per month/term. 
  • Find ways to enhance the spiritual life of the students.
  • Work with the Guidance Department. 
  • Offer support to teachers and students in times of loss and grief
  • Support the work of the Inter Schools Christian Fellowship as a means of strengthening the lives of Christian students
  • Schedule, lead and/or coordinate times of prayer for specific aspects of school life or sets of students
  • Report on activities of committee at Executive Committee meetings.


This committee will:

  • Manage the PTA’s Breakfast Programme.
  • Provide regular reports to the Executive Commitee

Involved Parents = Better Students

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